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Offshore wind in partnership with Ocean Ventus

Cutting edge technology - LNG regas terminals

FSRUs (Floating Storage and Regasification Units) make it possible to receive, store and regasify LNG at a lower cost and to be operational quicker than with onshore regasification plants


Global focus is on clean and affordable energy, and natural gas is becoming the preferred fossil fuel for power projects around the world. Front Energy targets this market with its safe and efficient FSRU turret mooring systems.


Using Front Energy’s turret mooring system in combination with converted LNG carriers offers a cost effective solution for mid-scale regasification. The system may equally well be applied to New-Builds and larger regasification capacities.

Cost Efficiency

Many pre 2005 LNG carriers are uneconomical for transportation because of high fuel consumption and are attractive conversion candidates. Front Energy’s proposal is to convert these LNG carriers to FSRUs using its proprietary turret mooring technology.