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Front Energy offers flexible, safe and cost-effective mooring & offloading solutions

The Front Energy team has decades of experience within offshore mooring and loading systems. Our turret mooring systems provide a simple solution for mooring and loading at low cost and with high regularity.

LNG Transfer

Transfer of LNG from the visiting LNG Carriers to the FSRU is by ship-to-ship transfer using cryogenic hoses. The hoses are handled by a crane on the FSRU and all necessary equipment, such as saddles, Y-pieces, etc. are lifted across to the visiting LNG Carrier.

Conversion of LNG Carrier

The solution is applicable to both new-builds and conversions. Only minor modifications are required to the LNG Carrier using Front Energy’s proprietary disconnectable turret mooring buoy, and time in dry-dock is limited to a minimum.

Turret buoy and swivel

The proprietary turret buoy enables quick disconnection of the FSRU from its moorings and is a simplification of existing well proven technology. A single pass gas swivel is located at deck level for ease of inspection and maintenance. The swivel also incorporates an umbilical with control signals and hydraulics to subsea valves.

Mooring & Offloading

Buoy based mooring and offloading systems for tankers, FPSOs and FSRUs enables 360 degrees free weathervaning. The buoys provide safe and efficient vessel berthing and product transfer and are based on 30 years of experience with offshore mooring and fluid transfer systems.